We, as Packaging Sack, understand the value and importance of a green world and we commit to do our best to protect the environment and keep the world greener as much as possible within the business environment and we strive.

  • To contribute to build and sustain a greener world.
  • To run our business respecting international standards, legal environmental rules and regulations and being sensitive to environmental issues.
  • To produce environment friendly products using environmentally friendly, renewable raw materials and energy as much as possible.
  • To consume natural resources efficiently, minimize the waste coming out of plant, harmful air emissions and waste water.
  • To be always internationaly certified from worldwide respected institutions for Environment Management Systems
  • To be audited regularly for environment management systems and to develop the internal applications continuousl.
  • To provide necessary financial and human resources to train employees and increase their awareness on the protection of environment.
  • To require our subcontractors and suppliers to respect our environmental policy.
  • To cooperate with local institutions to improve environment awareness in the society.