Packaging Sack commits to create and maintain high level of Health and Safety working environment for all of its employees, partners and third parties and to run its business in a safe manner. Health and Safety is a high priority value in our businesses.

We evaluate Health and Safety Objectives as an important part of our Management System at all levels of our organization. It’s our number one priority to take necessary precautions to prevent any injuries and occupational illness in our working environment. Panerai Replica Watches

We certainly aim to comply with all local rules and regulations concerning Health and Safety issues; to follow and implement worldwide rules and best practices; to make risk analysis studies and to minimize or remove if possible any risks identified, and to have objectives for these criteria; to improve our Health and Safety culture and to have “Zero Accident” as a sustainable result.

We believe that achieving good and sustainable results in Health and Safety is a matter of continuous training, putting in place rules and regulations, identifying KPI’s, regularly measuring them, taking precautions, improving systematical and mechanical issues, having behavioral development, and leading by examples, thus we concentrate on our system development studies accordingly.

All employees have to know and understand Health and Safety Rules, respect them and behave accordingly, inform managers about any unsafe issues and remove if appropriate, and to demonstrate a visible leadership to the organization by examples.

Our main goal is to make all employees to accept that Health and Safety is a very important subject to be considered at all levels of the organization, to be part of company policies, operating procedures and part of the business and to be continuously developed as a company culture.