It is obtained from pine trees. Basic weight is 70 to 90 gr/m2. Color is light brown. May be bleached with bleaching process. Used as cement sack and linear layer in corrugated paperboard.

(Wet resistant paper): A paper type prepared through increasing wet resistance of fibres by adding compounds to paper pulp or cellulose pulp. Used in compost sacks.

Paper having one face or both faces glossed to provide high quality printing.

Paper is subjected to crepe process in the direction of the machine and its extension may be increased. Extension in normal papers is 5%, in crepe paper 10%. Crepe paper, preferred for the difference it makes in printing, also preferred due to its angle of slip being higher compare with kraft paper

Water soluble paper is obtained by paper’s structural modification. Achieved through adding chemical components to pulp structure before paper is moulded. Preferred in products participating in process with packaging.